I must walk forward.

I must walk forever forward

into the darkness, the mist,

the unknown.

If I try to stay where I am.

The sunlight will dim,

and the clouds will obscure my vision.

Eventually, night time always falls.


I must walk forever forward

into the darkness, the mist,

the unknown.

The promise of possibility is only ahead.

Not behind.

What I know behind is easier than what I know ahead.

But transformation only happens in the deep darkness.


I must walk forward

into the darkness, the mist,

the unknown.

I know not why

but yet I must.

Eventually, night time always falls.

Eventually, dawn inevitably breaks.


I must walk forward.





The sacred touch.

The sacred touch.

You reach to touch.

Nothing intellectual.

All felt.

You try to coax me out of my world.

To come into being in yours.

Your touch says I belong.

I either let you in or keep you out.

I either pretend I didn’t feel the touch

or I envelop the touch into my world.

The sacred touch.

Makes me alive and awakened.

Healed and redeemed.

When nothing else will do.

The sacred touch speaks to me.

When your words cannot.

I either allow or deny.

The sacred touch

provides me shelter in my storm.

Or surrounds me with joy and elation.

In the sacred touch.

You become known and revealed,

mystery and possibility.

The distance evaporates.

My soul belongs

in the Holiness of your simple sacred touch.



One purpose, one life.

One purpose, one life.

Divinity seeks belonging.

A fresh petal with morning dew

awaits the sunlight

as I await

the waking of my own divinity

to what is hidden below.


As the hawk circles above

riding on the winds unseen

I await

only what divinity allows.

No longer seeking from outside

but only within.

I rest in the palm of your hand.

Cradle my warmth inside.

I await deep slumber.

As the bears hibernate in the winter

and the swallows migrate south.

You set me free.

In your love

Divinity appeared

as I peered within.

Like a mirror reflecting back.

Echoing in my soul.

I am home.

One purpose, one life.

Take my hand.


Take my hand.

Let me lead you away from danger.

Away from suffering.

Away from death.

Take my hand.

Let me lead you

into the light

where there is love.

Take my hand.

Wrap it within yours.

They taunt and they protest.

They laugh and they ridicule.

Look away.

Take my hand.

Let me lead you

to your fate.

Don’t cast me out.

Don’t cast me out.

Why do I feel you must send me on my way?

I am an empty vessel

ready for all that you want to teach.

I absorb your every word, your every thought.

My eyes watch yours, my ears listen intently,

but yet, you hasten over me like I am unimportant.

Why do you cast me aside?

Don’t write me off as useless

like wood tossed aside after the building of the house.

My weakness can help others.

I am not useless.

Don’t reject me.

Don’t cast me out.

Don’t send me on my way.


Day by Day

You walked along side of me

all the time

day by day snuck by, and you were always there

in the morning

at noon

throughout the afternoon

and into the darkest of the night.

But once you asked,

“Do you love me?”

And, I didn’t know how to respond to that simple question.

I peered inside of my soul

and there I noticed all of my imperfections and my wrong doings

I noticed all of my past failings and my sins against man.

Don’t you deserve more in my faith?

“Do you love me?” I in turn asked?

I peered in my heart.

Did I not see the time that I listened to the story of someone else?

Did I not see the time that I cradled another’s soul in my arms?

Didn’t I share the best of all I could ever give?

We picked up our walk again in the middle of an afternoon.

And, I reached out my hand to be slipped into yours. Did I not feel the love? Could you not see the love?

I reached for those imperfections and those perfections and held them together in a tight unity strapped together by my own humanity.

Did I not feel the love? Could you not see the love?

I am loved.  I love you.

The other side of resentment

Last night

I spit and I spew

My head tossing and turning

running through the day.


My blood boiled

it crept in

like a seeping foundation

on a rainy day.


Times are a changing

full of lies and illusions

betrayal hurt, deception

left out, forgotten, misunderstood.


I must get to the other side of