The Golden Rule

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

The Golden Rule.

I love you even though you may not love me.

I take care of you even though you may despise me.

Allow me to enter the gate.

While you have slandered my name in public,

and, told me you hate me to my face,

I fear not.

I love you.

When people chose idle gossip,

to ruminate about my choices

as a distraction to their own life.

I love you.

Allow me to enter the gate.

When you cast me aside as a friend

when I am no longer

needed or necessary to you.

I love you.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

I forgive you.

The Golden Rule.

Open the gate.


I struggle.

It captures me.

It spins me around and around.

I want it to stop.

But, it seems nearly impossible.

The moment I surface,

is the moment it plunges my head back underwater.


I want it to stop.

The waves crash over me,

I gulp for air,

I scream for help.

I speak my truth.

The moment I surface,

is the moment it swallows me whole.


I struggle.

I fight.

I see the daylight above.

The waves keep crashing.

I cannot get air.



I admit I am a compulsive overeater.  When food takes hold, it is for reasons of protection.  A way to deal and cope with feelings of insecurity, frustration, anger, or low self-esteem.  I have used this method as a way to cope with my husband’s death.  

For those struggling with a food addiction, the above is the best way of describing how it feels internally at times – like a losing battle with a demon.  

This is how I feel right now – my reality.  While the sun can be shining outside, inside, it is bleak and dark. Like a barren desert landscape or drowning in a vast sea.

Until you unearth the deep rooted cause, you will not stop it.  This is my truth.

I am home

My being exists

inside and beyond.

Your being exists

inside and beyond.

The being intermingles

in a web of trust and


Wrought by time and richness.

Spirits flow in unity.

Held in beauty and light.

Awakening to the eye.

Beyond time and definition.

In eternal and ancient union.

One comes home.

I have arrived.

You have arrived.

Exist no longer.


“May my soul smile in the embrace of my anam cara” — John O’Donahue, A Blessing for Death.

After urging from my friend Lisa (thank you!) to read Anam Cara by John O’Donahue, I finished it cover to cover last night.  The wisdom of the Celtic Spiritual tradition just left me with such deep inner peace and knowing.  It is making me rethink my decision not to go to Ireland this fall again.

This is my final reflection on the whole of my readings of Anam Cara and a morning offering to guide your day.


Awake dear soul! Awake!

You are so known you are forgotten.

Complacency and familiarity.

I see you but yet I do not see you.

The hummingbird flies outside the window

but yet I cannot stop to see.


Awake dear soul!  Awake!


I see the surface but yet not what lies below.

My soul, your soul, our soul

is covered by a cloak of time.


Awake dear soul!  Awake!


Numbing and distance.

Deep below lies a landscape unknown.

But complacency and familiarity have

numbed me to its excavation.


Awake dear soul!  Awake!


You grab my hand but I pull away.

The mystery forgotten

lost in a quiet death

not seeing for myself any longer

living in my numbed complacent life.


Awake dear soul!  Awake!


Lead me away from this deadened life to

the mystery and magic,

blessing and possibility

that lie deep below.


Awake dear soul!  Awake!


Come, let’s excavate the soul.

Just being

Just being.
A life like any other.
Not recognized.
Peering into the eyes of a soul.
The light illuminates the deep passages inside.
Spreading like the dawn to the darkness.
A flower unfolding in the heat of the day.
Your beauty is hidden below.
Not recognized.
You are like nobody.
Barely swimming in a tide of ordinary.
Suffocating in complacency.
Until light illuminates the recesses of the darkness.
And, your brilliant radiance shows forth.
Sheltering your richness and complexity
while in the world you are
Just being.

The answer lies within…

My heart beats.

You walk past.

You like me on Facebook, but yet you don’t recognize me in person.

Technology where have you gotten us?

So far removed from where we have been.

You claim you fix things, make things better,

but yet all I see is damage and descent.

My heart beats.

But, yet you keep your head down.

Wars rage, people are divided, violence overcomes our cities.

Oh, science!  How much progress you have wrought.

Gee, look how good it all appears on the outside.

My heart beats.

Your heart beats.

But, yet, you can’t even look in my eyes.

Advancements we exclaim will make all the difference in the world.

Instead, they have divided us.

They are killing us.

We live in a deep decline into misery.

My heart beats.

Within is the answer.

But, yet you don’t look at my eyes.

Look at me.

Love me.

Feel my heart beat.



This world so cold.

This world is so cold.

A vast humanity seeking its own aims.

People passing by but not paying much attention.

Cut-throat in its own way.

I live in silent solitude even though I live in a world full of people.

I am isolated by my neighbor, my brother, my sister.

I only have you.

Like armament as I head off into battle.

I seek your word.

I seek your thoughts.

I seek your trust.

You are all I have

in the world so terribly ego-saturated.

Unconcerned with the next.

Only concerned with their own.

Only concerned with how they get ahead not how do they help.

Shattering all that is in their path.

Even the Earth itself.

In a world so cold.

So unforgiving.

You are my armament in the battleground of life.