The sacred touch.

The sacred touch.

You reach to touch.

Nothing intellectual.

All felt.

You try to coax me out of my world.

To come into being in yours.

Your touch says IĀ belong.

I either let you in or keep you out.

I either pretend I didn’t feel the touch

or IĀ envelop the touch into my world.

The sacred touch.

Makes me alive and awakened.

Healed and redeemed.

When nothing else will do.

The sacred touch speaks to me.

When your words cannot.

I either allow or deny.

The sacred touch

provides me shelter in my storm.

Or surrounds me with joy and elation.

In the sacred touch.

You become known and revealed,

mystery and possibility.

The distance evaporates.

My soul belongs

in the Holiness of your simple sacred touch.



Peer into my divinty

Fear not.

Look into my eyes.

All of creation rests there.


See what you cannot hear in my silence.


You see all of me.

Peer into my divinity.




Look in my eyes.

Halt your tongue.

My world spins around and around.

Deep inside of me.

My sweet, soft hidden world

living in the exterior of an outer world.

I invite you in.

Not by talking,

but gazing into my eyes.

Fear not.

Be silent.

Look into my eyes.

Halt your tongue.

Enter into my humble and Holy world.

You turn away.

You deny my gaze.

You deny me.

You deny that which is Holy.

Allow your eyes to catch mine.

Peer into my divinity,

glimpse creation,

glimpse divinity,

glimpse eternity.


Fear not.

Halt your tongue.

Let the silence lead you to my gaze.

Look into my soul.


One purpose, one life.

One purpose, one life.

Divinity seeks belonging.

A fresh petal with morning dew

awaits the sunlight

as I await

the waking of my own divinity

to what is hidden below.


As the hawk circles above

riding on the winds unseen

I await

only what divinity allows.

No longer seeking from outside

but only within.

I rest in the palm of your hand.

Cradle my warmth inside.

I await deep slumber.

As the bears hibernate in the winter

and the swallows migrate south.

You set me free.

In your love

Divinity appeared

as I peered within.

Like a mirror reflecting back.

Echoing in my soul.

I am home.

One purpose, one life.