You bite and scream at me.

You tantalize me

in these later years.


I want what I don’t have

but yet don’t take what I want.

How that was so not the case

when young and




you were a prey

to be caught and to become

all mine.

Like a hawk

circling high over head.

I saw you

and had

to have you.


You didn’t stand a chance.


Now, things are wrong and right.

That dividing line

stops me there.

Dead in my tracks.

Or perhaps it is my own belief

that I am not worthy to

be the idol

of anyone’s



Desire you are a trick

and an




You take me down paths

that are not mine to trod.

You lead me to believe

that there are possibilities

when none truly exist.


When none materialized.

Just figments of an old imagination.

Left to rot.

Doors that open to nowhere.



I hate you and I love you.

Just as if you were the


I coveted.



Stop your push and

your pull.

Let me alone

in my own

misery of




Stop your trickery.

It is all over.



A woman driven by a desire that fueled her soul….from long ago.  Who is she?


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