My liberator, my savior, my redemption. 


I hiss, I sputter, I spew.


Far too long I put up with it.

Just because, I wanted to avoid it.





I scream.

I can’t take it anymore.


Your lies, your deceit,

your blaming, your betrayal.

You psychoanalytical drama.






I hiss, I pop, I screech.


My righteous anger rebels

against my own voice.


I can’t put me last

and you always first.


Don’t you see what you have done?





Perhaps, I am victim of a fire started

a long time ago?


Perhaps, I am too nice or eager to please

someone who gives two shits about me?


My fury simmers to a boil underneath

my nice exterior

until there is one moment

that I become more important

than you.


I unleash it.



I scream, I wail, I cry.


Don’t you hear me?


I didn’t need to court your approval in the first place

why did I even try to?


A searing flame crackles deep within.



I hiss, I bellow, I belch.





Now I have the power.

Now I am liberated.

Now I no longer comply.


You are not worthy of me.

I value life.


I claim my presence

here and now.






My liberator, my savior, my redemption.





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