A journey at mid-life

I move out of the darkness

towards the light.


A traveler in search of intimacy

in a world that honors



Secret growth in darkness.


Like the darkness of the womb,

I feel the struggle deep inside.

Tangling and wrestling with all that is.


Just as passion gives way to birth.

I am filled with desire

of longing and unknowing.


Secret growth in darkness.


Just as a baby’s body begins to form

and emerge

in the womb.


So too do I.


Just as the journey of my birth

so too is the journey of mid-life.


I seek and search, I form and unfold

as I travel on my own birthing

of becoming an individual in my own world

locked deep in my depths.


Secret growth in darkness.


I am on a journey

to shape and form

and emerge

into newness.


Just as in the womb,

my transformation

is happening in a deep darkness

in a forgotten journey between



Secret growth in darkness.


Threshold after threshold I have crossed

and, I cross another

in darkness

to emerge at the end of my journey

in the brilliant shining illuminating light.


Just as I was born,

one day, I too

shall be cast out of the darkness of the cave

into the light.


And, then, will I know


A journey at mid-life.



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