The Buddha within.

Funny how life is.

There once was a woman who I thought wronged me through my business.  It was not the woman but it was the organization but she represented the organization.  It became messy and I became upset.

About six months after this episode, the woman reached out to me.  She wanted to apologize for what had happened. At the time I thought it was a noble act.

We kept our link to each other occasionally having coffee and conversation.

For my birthday, she had a little gift.  A gift of Buddhist teachings.  I was touched.

One thing led to another and we started walking together.  During our walks, our conversation went more towards personal matters.

She is from Zimbabwe and a very beautiful woman.

Today, I consider her a spiritual guide.  Her one act of unfamiliar humility so long ago left me intrigued.

Abra is a Buddhist, part of Shinnyo-en, an international Buddhist community founded on the ancient wisdom and love embodied in the Buddha’s teachings.

I attend a home meeting and chanting ceremony.

Prayers and mantras are recited throughout the Buddhist world as ways to touch upon one’s enlightened nature. As chanting is also a form of prayer, the devotion of those who have chanted the same verses over the centuries has accumulated and imbued the chants with great liberating power. Chanting also acts as a form of meditation that can cut through ego.

The ultimate goal is an awakened nature within through altruistic Buddhist practice.

Now I understand why Abra needed to make amends for the organization’s actions.  It is part of her nature.

Will I attend more. Yes!

There is something magical about bowing in deference.  What an act of reverence.  It stirred my soul.

The ego felt release during that moment.  While the chanting was difficult to understand, it somehow filled my soul.

I look forward to my next walk with Abra next week and for more chanting ceremonies and home meetings.

It is all about those guiding us on our spiritual journey and those next steps in our journey.

Abra has become a blessing.

And, what a week it has been – It is only Wednesday and it has been full, rich, and joyful.




In reverence to my spiritual guide, Abra.




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