The run of the devil…

Well, the ankle is well!  How do I know this?

The pep in my step has returned.  Yes, I know of this because my reputation proceeded me.

I heard, “And, there goes Robin” during the Saturday morning Newport group run.  And, off I went per usual.

It was a faster paced run given it was only five miles and it was supposed to be at half-marathon pace.  Since it was humid, the pace needed to be kept in check.

Today, my friend Heather met me and we had the “Run of the Devil.”  If I had known that the mileage ended at 6.66, I probably would have shot for a little bit more.

Well, not every run can be a match made in heaven, so sometimes you gotta take a little hell.

Heather was extremely proud of our Hathaway Road performance.  And, I was extremely proud of Heather.  Heather and I pretty much talked our ears off and solved all the world’s problems in about 40 minutes or so.  That was a cool thing.

This week things spice up a bit.  Tuesday is 1.25 hours, Wednesday is an hour run with tempo pace (aka UGH!), and Thursday I head to Sneakarama in Worcester to see my friend Karla Ann and get my free Tech Shirt and run with Striders.  I basically will go to great lengths for a free shirt of any kind, even a drive to Worcester.  It will be great to see Karla, and those Central Mass Striders are the best track club around.

I am mentally gearing up for our 14 miler in Newport on Saturday.  Did I mention how much I love Newport…well, we will see a lot of it over and over.  And, Sunday, my back to back run starts to lengthen to an hour and forty minutes.

See how this all revolves around friends.  Friends are what make the runs go by and the laughs a mile a minute.  Nothing like sweating it out with a friend or two.  My “social” runs are really the highlight of my week, my month, and my year.  Otherwise, why run 20 miles at a time.

All in all, I pray the devil doesn’t get my ankle.  I sure hope that 6.66 was not an indication that he was lurking to take me down again and give me a sweet pavement kiss…




Runs are tons of fun with friends.  A glorious Saturday in Newport.  And, if you are wondering, I am the completely color coordinated pink person with the donut headband.





6.66 “Run of the Devil.” I took Heather on a “Tour de New Bedford” showing her the finest there is to offer.



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