A big hot running mess.

It has been a while since I have provided a running recap.

That is because I had a bit of a set back with my sprained ankle.

It appears as if almost all of the swelling has gone done, but there is still some residual.

I took it easier this week than I have in the past especially during the Wednesday night track workout.  Trying not to get sloppy with my running.

I had severe road rash which has all but healed and my toenail finally fell off to reveal a new one catching up.  I sure hope it grows back normally, but I surmise probably not.

With the heat and my injuries, I really have been a big hot running mess. But I press on.

Since Saturday, I have logged a total of 35 miles for this hot and sweltering week. It wasn’t easy.  The heat and humidity almost got to me several times, but I continued to get her done.

My late husband once wrote, ” So quick to smile, so quick to give of herself, dedicated to everything she does.  Besides her talent she is beautiful.  A real treasure to be loved and cared for.”

I think the first few things apply…I love my running friends and they make me laugh and I have stick with it power.  I don’t think I have running talent and surely not beautiful as a red, hot, sweaty mess.   The last one is just a bonus.  I will take it. One day recently, it appeared as if the rainbow was right behind me indicating that somehow I was a treasure.

Basically, I still keep this card nearby and these words with me to remind me of what I am capable of and in homage to his belief in me.  It gives me the pep behind my plod.

I always amazed him with my dedication and persistence.  He was in the Army and he always said to me, “You belong in the service.”

True confession – I wanted to go into the Navy since I love the ocean, but my parents forced me into college.  If I had gone into the Navy, I probably would now be a State Police officer – my aspiration at the time…Parents always have better saner plans.

How I digress with regret.

The mileage will keep increasing now.  I managed to get in 12 on Saturday and will plan on 14 for next Saturday with a two-hour back to back run on Sunday.  It just keeps going up folks from there.

I still have my mind set on the 50K in Vermont. Despite my ankle set back, I have still managed to keep it all on track.

Not sure how or when I will get my 16 in at Kripalu but we will cross that bridge when it arrives.

I have a great fear of running in strange places by myself after my accident.  Scared to death actually.  When I had my accident in Chicago, I was all alone.

Imagine head trauma specialists coming in to visit saying you have air leaking into your brain and you can barely think for yourself and then released into a hotel room where no one knows who you are.  I thought I may die and never wake up.   Thank God for the one room service chap who did check on me and give me my dinner for free – which of course, I had no appetite for.

So the idea of being alone at Kripalu in a pretty rural area doing 16 miles gets me a bit nervous.  And, you just never know who is out there…the joys of being a female runner.

Well, onward and upward this week.

Here I am with my friends this past Saturday.  Don’t you just love Ron – the only guy, and at 65 not bad!  It was a foggy day in Newport but we got the 12 miles done.

And, I look like a hot mess!  19989530_10213495346328488_5646749473458468607_n

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