Running as contemplative mediation

Running is a form of meditation to me.

I find my energy by expelling my energy.

By letting go of the energy, I find myself very centered, living right here and now.  I don’t fight the moment by a nervous need to move.

It is a very spiritual act where I let go.

Tonight during my run, I ran and I ran. I watched the light change in the sky and then my thoughts turned inward.  As they always seem to do.

I began to reflect on thoughts of the day, on the year, and of my life.

Particularly this now “second half” of my life in perspective of the frame of the first half.

What I realized is that my whole life has been about loving someone or something deeply. I go to the places of great love and great suffering without fear or trepidation.

It is a much richer life when you live this way.

When you avoid loving someone deeply, you never vulnerably hand over yourself to another person.  And when you don’t truly hand over yourself to another person, you miss the richness of what life is about.  You are not living at all – your soul is lost.

In loving deeply, I have allowed that love to enter into suffering with another – for them, through them, because of them.  In doing so, I can’t avoid contemplation.

This process of entering into another’s suffering is a form of contemplative living.

This is how God has saved most people since the beginning of time.  It is truly a spiritual act.

Through living with great love and great suffering, I have been taught that my heart and mind are open to see the mystery and to see God.

I am blessed that today and every day, I bear witness to and see the mystery that which is the heart of God.



These photos are from one year ago.  Running for me is a form contemplative meditation where I become so present to the moment of now, not fighting the moment, and coming into the awareness of something greater.


Most recently at my visit to the Westport Fair, I spent what seemed like hours with these calves.  My mind turned to the suffering that they would inevitably endure.  It broke my heart as a creature of God.  It brought me to tears.  I was so touched by their beauty and innocence.


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