The summer of my running discontent

Well, yesterday was a very good time trail.  We did a one mile time trial down in Newport and I didn’t do so bad.  My time has improved.   I did the mile in just a hair over 9 minutes.  Very pleased with that performance.  I would like to see it somewhere in the 8’s.


Then today, the inevitable happened.

I was running on a bad patch of road in Mattapoisett and my foot landed on an uneven patch.  I immediately felt my ankle – my weakest link – give out and down I went.  Thank God, I didn’t land on my head again.  But, my left arm took the brunt.

Road rash as it is happening is not a pleasant thing.  You know that your flesh is kissing the road and probably not sticking around.  In fact, sliding over pavement for a few feet is just darn not a thing I like to do often.

So, I still have a toenail hanging on for dear life (o vey!), a sprained ankle that is now my weakest link, and road rash that feels like pins and needles with waves of nausea.  As my grandmother would say, “O Santa Maria, por favor!”  or “O Saint Mary PLEASE!”

It was just my luck that the Mattapoisett Triathalon was being held and so I made my way to the ambulance for assistance.  They wet me down and put a bandage after almost insisting I may need to be intubated with an IV and taken to the hospital – all I wanted was a friendly valium.  But, I didn’t get that either.  Even when I called back to them and said, “Wait, you didn’t give me my valium!”  Nice chaps to say the least.  They didn’t charge me even when I was honest and said, “I wasn’t part of THAT race, just the one in my head…”

Being the Portagee that I am (we are not know for quitting or aka stubbornness), I did continue my run even after my stellar conversation with Geoff and Allison.  One hour and a half – 7.5. miles down.


Now, I rest and forego the shower for another day!  Oh well, I put on deodorant – lots.

Maybe it is time for me to retire…it has been a decade stretch of this two-legged thing and before that road cycling…another two-legged thing.  4 bikes, countless sneakers (all under the bed), and more running clothes than real clothes…maybe it is time to pack up shop.

One thing is for sure, I deserve a slice of pizza and a salad from La Pizzeria Marc Anthony’s in my perfect little haven in Onset, MA. A nice little to-do on a sunny summer Sunday.

Let’s just tackle one thing at a time.

To be continued…


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