Viva La RUN508

There is a lot of mid-week running excitement building in Robin’s world.

You see I started this little run club.  It has taken a few months to get off the ground, but now it is gaining in popularity.  And when I say a few months, I mean a few months.

RUN508 is based on the area code 508, modeled after a similar running club in Philadelphia, PA.  Workouts consist of long, slow, runs, track workouts and hill training.

Tonight, I basically led the group in a 8 x 2 minute all out track interval workout.

I am excited because more and more folks are signing up for more and more runs.

And, many of them are beginners, which is great. It helps me to fulfill that urge to foster others.  I am all about being the “Mother Running Hen!”

Some folks claim I am a downright inspiration.  I say phooey! As long as I can help another.  Besides running alone is SOOOOO uncool and boring.  I never seem to push myself quite as hard.

It truly is the simple things in life that make me very, very happy.

So, Viva RUN508!

I was also able to incorporate metronome cadence training into my track workout tonight, and I noticed a significant difference with my run cadence.  A metronome is an aid for someone who plays musical instruments.  It helps keep time to a particular beat.

The legendary Jack Daniels at the 1984 Olympics counted the stride rates among elite distance runners.

Of the 46 he studied, only one took less than 180spm (176spm). Daniels also noted that in his 20 years of coaching college students, he never had a beginner runner with a stride rate of over 180spm.

So more efficient runners become faster.  Higher cadence increases efficiency.

Using the metronome during my running intervals on the track tonight, my cadence was above 180 for each interval. It worked!

So, onward RUN508.

P.S. – My black Hoka’s sneaks look stunning below.


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