A heron caught my eye

I go tumbling along on the highway.

Hunks of steel hurtling along

each onto the next destination.

As fast as we can.

Our watches always whispering to us

you’re late, get there now, you don’t have time.

I hurtle along in a hunk of steel and glass.

Just me and my fellow man.

Then my eyes catch


Out of the corner of my eye.

A heron.

Takes flight.

Silently, majestically.

It crosses the horizon line in front of me.

I watch it float over the highway.

To the other side.

And, disappear into a marsh.

I am here.

I feel alive.

I feel connected.

But that moment is fleeting.

Cars whizz by.

I must continue to listen to

the whisper of my watch.

I hit the accelerator.

I ease back into my numbness


my separation from all that is.







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