Tis sprained or not sprained?

Tis sprained or not to be sprained.

That is the question.

Wednesday morning 6 a.m. – coming up on the hill overlooking Westport Avenue in Norwalk CT.  My last run on this route forever. A slight roll of the ankle, a felt “pop,” and a tumble into a telephone pole.  Remembering what my massage therapist said – movement is good for an injury.  Got up and kept on running.

Thursday – Swelling.

Thursday night – Swelling.  A visit to Urgent Care. No running for at least two weeks. Compression and air cast.

Friday – Massage therapist.  Swelling noticeably reduced.  If you have a range of motion – use it.

Saturday – 11-mile group run/walk/run in Newport.  The hot and humid was more of a problem.  Our long, slow run was like a simmering soup.

Sunday – 6.5-mile endurance run/run in New Bedford. The sunny, hot, and humid nearly killed me.

Monday – Three hours of walking at Sandwich Heritage Gardens and Museum.

Monday night – Verdict slight sprain healed by motion.

Tuesday – Mattapoisett Road Race 5 miler!  One of my favorite small town races.  Let’s face it.  Mattapoisett is special.

There you have it.  While I still must be careful as I do feel a twinge of pain, I am a ready to go.  If I roll it over again, I will have much more damage.

But, you can’t keep a Portagee down.  We are a stubborn breed.


And, I signed up for the Vermont 50K (31 miles) in the woods around and over Mt. Ascutney.  The last weekend in September before I head to Scotland and Ireland for an almost two weeks stay for a much needed rest.

Here is the course description:  http://vermont50.com/course-descriptions/

This 50K will be my first ultra.

For some reason, I have gotten stuck at the marathon distance.  This distance is only five more miles.  It becomes all mental.

Mental is as mental gets.

Better to be mental that sprained.


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