Mid-course correction – literally!

OK, ok, so I admit.  I spoke with my “old” coach that I have been training with for a year now.

And, he asked me not to give up on him.

I told him how the mountain running was just not doing it anymore and how I really like the run/walk/run on Saturday mornings with the gang.  I am a social animal.

Then I told him that Chicago was off the table.  I am deferring my entry for the marathon until next year so that I can venture to Scotland and Ireland.

So, he says that most folks who he trains that run/walk/run are ultramarathoners.  And, given my propensity to go long distances and hold up pretty well, he wants it to be a goal. He thinks it is time.


I gave him two races. Freetown 50 and the Vermont 50.

Well, I pushed him for the 50K (35 miles or so), he said I could try the 50 miles.  I am not sure that I am quite there yet.

To be honest, I am scared of an ultra.  I was signed up to go to Moab, Utah this past February to run my first 50K in the desert, but my grandfather passed away, and that put a kink in my training. He and I both agreed that I did not have the training needed. Ultimately, I was relieved.

I suppose I just must bite the bullet and do it this time.

I can’t seem to wrap my brain around distances beyond the marathon and on trails in the woods to boot. They are too imposing for me.  I guess it may be time though.

So there you have it.  An enormous mid-course correction change.

Let’s see if he says 50K or 50 Miles and go from there.

I will put in the training, but then I need to find the courage.

Where does one find that?

Next week, training resumes again.  My “old” coach allowed me a few weeks to “get this out of my system” and process it.  I did.  It felt like a mid-life running crisis.  Although much has these days for me.  That is OK though.

I made many decisions and chronicled them here.  Now, it is time to get serious again, and he will provide the structured daily program (which I NEED), and I will grind it out.


2 thoughts on “Mid-course correction – literally!

  1. craig lindell says:

    It is not about your old coach. It is about you.
    You will find your courage when your response to the issue with which you are engaged reflects who you are and is demanded by the integrity of your soul. I think you do not find it. I think it finds you. I think it is part of the life force within you. It demands your attention. You can not think your way to courage. You must feel your way through an existential issue.

    Courage is what fuels the flame within. It is not what fuels the fame without. “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” (Oliver)

    That you invoked this is a birthday gift

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