Sunday, Monday

Well, I didn’t craft a run race report this weekend.

To be honest, I was torn.

But, after reflecting, I think I had a non-run but run related victory.

You see, there was a gal in my run group who, well, we got a little too competitive last year.  We are both strong runners.  And, with human nature, we like to be the best.

So, we got on the outs last year.  It made me very uncomfortable, to say the least.

It was last October that I decided to try to make amends and we did.  On Facebook, if that is any amends-making.   I hardly doubt so.

Things didn’t warm too much.

And, finally, for the first time this year, we were both in the running group.

I can’t take tension, and I don’t see the need.

So, I said “hello!”  She was lukewarm about it, and I tried desperately to engage in conversation.  She warmed up a bit more, and lo and behold we were on a bit better term leaving on Saturday.

Then Sunday was the Fairhaven Father’s Day Road Race, and the relationship even improved more.  We had a great conversation about what else, sneakers!?!  And I congratulated her on her PR.   She hugged me.  Yes, she hugged me.

Today, she joined my local running group and signed up for the hills workout on Thursday night.

I am so elated.

At this point, she is probably a better stronger runner than I.  But, what does that matter.

I also happen to think she has a natural beauty, which I don’t have.  So a little jealously always played into it.

I am so glad that we are making a sincere amends to each other.

In the end, relationships are more important.

In the AA program, they call this making a “living amends.”  It sure feels good to put that stuff aside.

Oh, and yes, I did have a great hill workout with the group.  What an excellent group it is.   Although the weather could have been a bit more cooperative.



Here I am to the left, with my friend I made a “living” amends to in the center seated.

It was great to be a part of the Fairhaven Father’s Day Road Race.  With almost 2,000 people there, I got to see many old and new friends.  That is what running is all about.

Here is my old friend Geoff Smith again!  Geoff, two-time Boston winner, took his age group with a 7:35 or so pace. Not bad for a 60+ plus!  I did the 10K but had a lackluster performance.  It started pouring mid-way through and I just felt everything get heavy on me.  The wind went out of my sails. Oh well, not every running day is a stellar one.


So sometimes it is not about the run, it is about the friendships, and that is what is most important in life.

I look forward to my hills workout on Thursday night with my old friend, new again.

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