Sunday night race report

What a weekend. Glorious weather for a run or two.

And, that I did.  As I noted in a previous blog post, I was headed back to my old Galloway run, walk, run method.  It proved to be a joy.

On Saturday we had our long group run down in Newport.  Newport is absolutely one of the prettiest places to be on a sunny Saturday morning.

We did eight miles into Fort Adams from the Run Newport store on Thames Street.  What a great group of fun people.  It was good to be back in the running “hood!”  Of course, I am the one in pink right up front.


After that, I did a boatload of shopping at Run Newport – sale rack only.  But, yet managed to find my new Hoka Flip Flops.  Hoka’s are a brand of running sneakers that I can’t go without.  I think I have at least three under my bed in all colors and one more on the way in the mail (they were on special).  Not to mention that the Hoka Clifton (my style) 4’s are being released next week. Oh Vey!

Of course, everyone got a bit of giggle at my expense for my teeny tiny sized feet.  Hey, good things come in small packages mind you!

After all this running and shopping, I needed a nap.  Running does that to me.  Self-imposed and much-needed sleep.


Lo and behold, the running didn’t stop there.

Today, was the Day of Portugal 5K in the North End of New Bedford.  Not a favorite.  It seems like the North End is always pretty dirty, but I figured it would add a bit of speedwork to my week and I am Portuguese too.  Who else would wear socks with their flip-flops?

The race didn’t start until 10 a.m., and I knew that was going to be a bad thing.  The heat was already building up earlier on in the morning. While it may seem temperate out, when your core body temperature rises, it can go as high as 20 or more degrees.

So by the time we got started the temperature was 75.  And, there just doesn’t seem to be a stitch of shade anywhere along Acushnet Avenue or Ashley Boulevard.

I decided to use a 2-minute run and 30-second walk strategy for the race.  But, it heated up mighty quickly, and in fear of overheating, mid-way through, I dropped that down to a 1-minute run and 30-second walk.

Needless to say, part of my frustration is that the local Track Club just doesn’t get the”Galloway” method and one of the local “legends” yelled across to me, “Robin, stop that Gallowalk stuff!”  Nope, not I.

And, I came in to prove that I didn’t really need to – taking 5th in my age category.  Plus, this was old fashioned chip time, and my Garmin watch registered a better time.  I shaved 30 seconds off of this same race from the previous year.


I am just not going to give up my Galloway no matter how much “heat” I get at the races.

In fact, I am going to step it up to show that this method works and you can be quick on your feet.

Strength training is going well.  Paul notices that my back and shoulders are showing evidence of it.  He says most 45 year old’s would be envious – what do I know, I can’t see back there.

My diet has been tightened up a bit further, and I am now down into the 120’s.  My goal is got to 120 soon.  So out went my Kashi and in came the Cheerio’s. Right, Cheerio’s better than Kashi – yep!  I just have to rid myself of the Diet Sunkist’s.  That will be last, I assure you.

It is not easy as you age, but damn, I am dedicated and persistent, and I am not going to let age deter me.  I have some work to do yet, and I am going to continue to do it.

Next week is the Fairhaven Father’s Day 10K on Sunday.  And, let’s see how my time compares to the last years’ one.

Here is to another week of training!

And, just a side note, a gentleman just won a 100-mile race down in the Keys using this method:

Congrats to Marc Burget (on left)  a veteran #Galloway runner who WON the Keys 100 miler using Run Walk Run! He maintained a 9:20 overall pace using .45mile run/30 second walk.  He said it was, "Frustrating to watch the leaders run off at the start of the race but stuck to the plan.  Had caught most of the leaders by mile 25 and they were in bad shape overheating.  I had barely broken and sweat and felt fresh. I literally thought entering this race I had no chance to win and was  not the fastest runner, but by mile 50 I was feeling so strong and confident." Great work Marc and congrats! #runwalkrun #athleteoftheweek #ultrarunner #100miler #rundisney #werunsocial #instarunners #instarun #RunFlorida #keywest #runbrag #teamrundisney #gallowaymethod

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