The answer lies within…

My heart beats.

You walk past.

You like me on Facebook, but yet you don’t recognize me in person.

Technology where have you gotten us?

So far removed from where we have been.

You claim you fix things, make things better,

but yet all I see is damage and descent.

My heart beats.

But, yet you keep your head down.

Wars rage, people are divided, violence overcomes our cities.

Oh, science!  How much progress you have wrought.

Gee, look how good it all appears on the outside.

My heart beats.

Your heart beats.

But, yet, you can’t even look in my eyes.

Advancements we exclaim will make all the difference in the world.

Instead, they have divided us.

They are killing us.

We live in a deep decline into misery.

My heart beats.

Within is the answer.

But, yet you don’t look at my eyes.

Look at me.

Love me.

Feel my heart beat.



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