This world so cold.

This world is so cold.

A vast humanity seeking its own aims.

People passing by but not paying much attention.

Cut-throat in its own way.

I live in silent solitude even though I live in a world full of people.

I am isolated by my neighbor, my brother, my sister.

I only have you.

Like armament as I head off into battle.

I seek your word.

I seek your thoughts.

I seek your trust.

You are all I have

in the world so terribly ego-saturated.

Unconcerned with the next.

Only concerned with their own.

Only concerned with how they get ahead not how do they help.

Shattering all that is in their path.

Even the Earth itself.

In a world so cold.

So unforgiving.

You are my armament in the battleground of life.

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