Is it the Mercedes or the Jeep?

So, I missed Mt. Cranmore and it dropped me in the female standings.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 8.26.53 PMFunny, why does status mean so much to me.

Well, I have three more races to make this up.

I have this life coach.  And, her name is Dr. Ellen.  Dr. Ellen keeps pushing and prodding me – sometimes willingly and sometimes not so much – to live the life that I really want to live.

And, I was explaining to Dr. Ellen that I had bought a 2014 Mercedes E250 Diesel.  Top-class.  Except, I hate to drive it.  The darn thing is too luxurious, too pretty.  So, I went out and bought an old Jeep.  And, I use that old Jeep more than anything and LOVE it.

So, Dr. Ellen keeps prodding me to:  “Keep asking yourself does this feel like my Jeep or my Mercedes? It seems like your Jeep is more you and makes you happy, while the Mercedes is more about status.”

I don’t particularly want to do the races, but yet I want the standings.

I want to focus on marathon training… long distance stuff.  For the past two years, I have won the USATF Masters Long-Distance Gold Award.  Phidippides was the originator of the marathon as a messenger in Ancient Greece.


Lately, I have been good at telling others to only do what makes their heart sing.  And, I am torn between status.  Pick the Jeep or Mercedes.  Which one?

I have been blessed in my life to have come to know some great people.  For one is my idol, Jeff Galloway, an Olympian and the originator of the run, walk, run method.  I have been on his retreats, spent time running with him, and have just enjoyed emailing back and forth.

He and his running method make my heart sing!  He believes that the marathon should be accessible to everyone who wants it and that running should just be plain fun.

Here we are together last fall in Newport, RI.


And, I have come to be good friends with two-time Boston Marathon winner and elite runner, Geoff Smith who resides in Mattapoisett, MA.  And, Geoff’s philosophy is you just run to run.  No longer competitive after major hip surgery, he believes in running for the pure joy of running.  He calls it “Everyday” running. Some days he runs for 30 minutes, some days for an hour.  But, he just runs to enjoy running, just because he now can and once couldn’t.


So, two Jeff’s/Geoff’s and they both espouse the benefits of just enjoying the run for the run sake – to have fun.  No status, just the run.

The problem is, why can’t I?

Is it the Jeep or the Mercedes?

I wish I could say with my whole heart for sure what really truly matters to me…

Deep down inside I know I am a Jeep girl, but yet, I like to keep the Mercedes in the garage to look at.

Only do what makes your heart sing.  Only love what you love.  And, love it with all you got.

P.S. – and, Paul says they are both my “Boyfriends” – OH to be so lucky!  A girl can dream…and, speaking of dreaming, good night.




Me enjoying the run and enjoying the fun in “other” Jeep like days!



My good gal Heidi, a courageous cancer survivor, just enjoying the run!

2 thoughts on “Is it the Mercedes or the Jeep?

  1. Fantastic post. I love reading more about how you are running towards enjoying your life more and caring less about status. Keep seeking that Jeep feeling. It’s working for you, Dr. Ellen

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