Mt. Cranmore and the Koessler Black Diamond

My thoughts turn to next weekend already.  To one of the more painful races, I have ever had to endure.  And, this year this race features the US Mountain Championships.

Two laps up a Black Diamond or shall I say the infamous Black Diamond Trail of Koessler at Mt. Cranmore.

My stomach already has butterflies.  Koessler has an average grade of 35%.

I became like a literal animal using all fours to climb my way up, grabbing and grasping at vegetation for leverage.  A queer joke, a test of determination.  Whatever it is, you get to do it all again – not one, but two laps.

If you have the time and the courage, preview the course here!

And, why am I doing all this…

to become a Mountain Goat and earn my “Bypass” ticket to run Mt. Washington of which I did last year.  You can only run this race by lottery, if you are lucky, unless, of course, you are one of the 100 or so Mountain Goats.  Then you have earned the right.

Here is a glance at why I must finish this series. – because this one is just pure fun!  O yes, and for the Hart’s Turkey Farm dinner afterward, too.  YUM.

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