I am love.

Death comes at an unknown hour.

It sneaks and slithers like a snake in the grass.

But, death knows not,

that love has you.

Love is you.

I see it everywhere.

I am love.

Death takes away in a brief moment.

Like a snake slithering into the shadows

from the sunlight.

It is love alone that outshines all.

It is the radiance of our souls.

It is love alone that lasts.

Death is fleeting.

Love is permanent.

Love is eternal and true.

Death conquers for only but a brief minute.

Love lays a whole eternity before you.

Love has me.

I see it everywhere.

In everyone and everything.

I am love.



I took this photo at Sacred Hearts Retreat Center in Wareham, MA.  Located on Great Neck, this retreat center provides me with peace and serenity.



And, it was the home of one of the greatest charismatic priests who believed that love was everything – This poem is the memory of Father Stan Kolasa who is still very much love.




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