4 a.m. comes early

Tomorrow morning is the morning

A 4 a.m. van pick up. And, we are off.  We as in my Ragnar Relay team.

Destination – Hull, MA

Running continuously from Friday at 6:30 a.m. until whenever we finish.

Finish line – Provincetown, MA.

190 miles.

I can claim 31 of those as mine.

31 miles.

The first leg will be from Kingston, MA to Carver – 14.4 miles

Then from Yarmouth to Dennis – 10.27 miles

And, then I get to conquer Wellfleet – 5.60 miles

I don’t like running at night in the dark so this will be a boundary enlarger.

I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

While my coach wants me to run straight out, I think that I am going to rebel a bit.

I am an old walk, run Galloway Method groupie and I am going to try running 4 minutes with a 1-minute walk break. I don’t want to let me teammates down by not being able to complete my legs.  I think this will be an effective method.

I am unsure quite yet if I am going to lift my kettlebells tonight.  I am bit exhausted and perhaps I should rest.  I will see what the moment stirs in me.

One team, running straight down the South Shore across the entire Cape.

I hope that there is a Lobstah waiting for me.

I just so hoped I would get to run over the Bourne Bridge.  Just once in my life…but, not this time.

The next time you hear from me, I will be completely sleep deprived.

Wish me luck!





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