Do you?

Who am I?

To whom do I belong?

I know not, who I am or to whom I belong?

Did you not see my soul drifting along in confusion?

Do you not see me struggle with all that is called life?

I am bombarded with daily assaults of to do’s and things I ought to get done.

Don’t you feel it too?

Is not your list as big as mine?

In a world so rushed, so hurried, so fast-paced,

aren’t you feeling the distance between others

and, within your own self?

Don’t you?

Tell me, don’t you?

We spend too little time in communion with the next,

our lives far from intermingled.

We push away.

We cast away.

We live in fear of what that means.

We live in fear of what lies ahead.

It takes far too much time to be union with another.

Do you remember the last time you actually listened to someone

and what they said and how they said it?

And, do you know who you really are?

Do you know what you really want?

What your heart so longs for

deep inside a troubled soul?

Do you know to whom you belong?

I don’t.

Who am I?

And, to whom do I belong?

I know not.

Do you?



Door High

A barn door in South Dartmouth, MA, circa 2008.  Open the door to who you are. Do you fear?



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