And, a bugle will be playing

I am sitting in Waterbury, VT being reminded by a passing statement, “You should have been in the military,”  said my late husband, who himself had been in the Army.  Old habits die hard and it is hard to get up later than anything other than 6 a.m.  But, yet it is that military-like persistence that keeps me moving towards my goals.  Keeps me moving forward.

High noon.


This is the race profile from my coach.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 6.52.48 AM

Seems pretty doable once you get past that first 500 ft. climb.  That will be tough right out of the gate.  Passing people after the second hill.  Well, we will give that one a try.  No guarantees on my passing game.

So, what exactly is a “Tempo” effort?  That is pretty much an 8 out of 10 on the pain scale, meaning that you are working above your lactate threshold.  I have done extensive training this season working on extending that lactate threshold out longer.   My heart rate should be within 158-165.

Steady State is more in the aerobic range at a “steady state.”  It is the fastest pace I can run while still being aerobic – think marathon race pace.  It is a “comfortably hard” pace with my heart rate between 150-158.

I am excited for the start and the fact that I only need five races this year.  Well, there are fewer races to begin with this year.  My coveted Mt. Ascutney is not part of the deal this year.  I guess since Ascutney is so close to my client, I could run it for a training run.  Something to think about.

This upcoming week is a recovery week with easy 30 to 50-minute recovery runs on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday and then I roll right into Monadnock next Sunday.

After that, my Ragnar Relay team from Hull to PTwon is missing one runner, so I said I will do a “double” leg putting me at somewhere near 25 miles.

It is a couple of tough running weeks, but I think with a healthy diet plan this will put me in excellent shape going into Mt. Wachusett.  That is a straight run up an access road simulating Mt. Washington.

I have all of my times and paces from last year so I can see if training progress is evident.

Onward to Sleepy Hollow.

Tomorrow at high noon!

I hear a bugle playing somewhere!




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