Winter’s snow

In a small town in Vermont

I jog,

then I run.

I think about life.

My life.

I hear a gurgle.

The rivers coming alive,

after a long winter

filling themselves with the winter snows.

The river runs

just like I run.

Thinking about

how little I really need

to live

on this Earthly plane

when the

rivers are so full.

But yet, we get caught up

in greed and


When rivers just run

seeking a way to the ocean

full of Winter’s snow.

And, I run,

And, I run.

It has always been this way.

No need for money, for things

just the river carrying Winter’s snow

to the ocean.




And, so the river full of winter snow makes it’s way to the Ocean that I am reminded that I need little in this life.  From my morning run in Chelsea, VT.


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