O darkness, envelop me


I will wait in summer’s warmth until

you can envelop me once again.

In your darkness and your bitter cold

I am wrapped in a world of solitude

that speaks of my fractured soul and beauty.

O darkness of winter,

I wait until you can envelop me,

as I bask in the summer sun

until your embrace can hold me once again

like two lovers parted

and reunited.

So bittersweet

like a first kiss.

O winter, season of darkness,

you cause me to stop,

you give me courage,

and renewal.

How you soothe me gently

with each passing day

let us withdraw to only ourselves.

O winter, I wait for your delicious


As a lover waits with

sweet anticipation and delight.

Envelop me

O sweet darkness of winter

I am your beloved.



This is the view from where I stay every other week in Chelsea, VT.  Located in the Upper Valley, it is a very rural and mountainous section of Vermont.  The peace the surrounds me in the darkness and deepness of the terrain is unlike any I have felt before. I long for its comforting embrace.


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