Cast your net into the brillance.

Peter lost and floundering,

he did not believe in himself.

He felt inadequate and unworthy

there in the boat at what

he does well.

But, then you were there.

You spoke to him, urging him to

cast his net to another side.

I think of all my inadequcies,

my failure to believe in me,

Most times, I feel as if I am a failure.

In life,

in work,

in love.

Like Peter,

in all that I usually did well.

But, yet, I too hear a voice.

I listen to the whisper.

Your whisper.

It nudges me to try something new,

something different.

And, I hear “Try this.”

And, I try it.

And, it works.

And, the dullness of my soul,

is rubbed off,

like a diamond found in the soil,

being brought to the light.

And, I shine.

I shine.

With all the brilliance that lays within,

dormant in my soul.

Because you whispered,

“Try this.”

And, I listened.

O God of good surprises,

I accept you today.

O wonderful God of good surprises,

as it was for Peter,

so too it can be for me today.



A view from Sipayik, a Reservation called Pleasant Point, near Eastport ME where the native Passamaquoddy Tribe has called home for the last 10,000 years.   Eastport is the easternmost city in the United States.  It is located on the Bay of Fundy, so that all becomes exposed during low tide.  “Like a diamond found in the soil, it comes to the light.”  As all does in the Bay of Fundy.  





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