“Why are you weeping?”

Disappointment, grief, and loss

at the tomb.

I am Mary.

I hear a voice call softly to me.

“Mary, who are you looking for?”

I open my “Easter eyes”


I see

what I need most

in my shadowed and fractured life

in our shadowed and fractured world

has always been

right there before me.

But, I have ignored it,

hid it,

denied it.

Tried to walk away.

“Why are you weeping?”

What I need the very most,

is disguised in another.

It is only until I look



I see

my soul reflected back.

I open my “Easter eyes”

and, there stands

my answer.

“Why do you weep?”

I weep of joy.

As I look deep into the eyes

of another.

Deep into the eyes.

In my shadowed and fractured life.

I weep with joy.

My soul



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I stopped writing here in late 2014 (you will notice my blog entries end) after I was hit while running in Chicago.  I suffered a traumatic brain injury and a fractured skull.  While I was rehabbing myself, photography became an outlet for healing.  During that time, I never thought I would cognitively write anything coherent again, so I dropped out of a Ph.D. program and struggled for many months with my language abilities – verbalizing quickly, coherently, and on paper.  Today, I feel blessed to be able to share my daily blog as it is an affirmation of my return to wholeness.  I feel as if I am birthing my creative as I seek my way back to my soul.






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