I am Mountain Goat!

Yep, one ice cream cone.

One ice cream cone foiled my chances at reaching the elite USATF Mountain Goat status.

That one race I needed.

Mt Greylock.

Was just not to be.

Food poisoning struck me while staying in North Adams the night before the race.

And, I was knocked out of the USATF series.

The Mountain Goat series.

Six out of eight mountain races earn you the coveted title of Mountain Goat.

There are only 100 in the entire Northeast with very, very few from Southeastern New England.

I was one race shy.

All because of an ice cream cone.

Well, this year, I try again.

It all starts in two weeks at Sleepy Hollow, VT, just south of Burlington.

I can’t explain why.

A male dominated track of running.  Very few females dare not.

Men are made for mountains.  Strong legs, hips, and thighs.

Women are not.

But, years of road cycling didn’t hurt me.  It is only in my favor.

Lord, knows why I want a run up a 4,000 footer.

Just get to Mountain Goat status with the ultimate prize of running up Mt. Washington and a T-Shirt.  But, I guess I will do nearly anything for a T-Shirt.

Been there done that.  7.6 miles straight up to a 6,000+ ascent.

But, I can’t describe the feeling of running up a mountain, getting to the top, and descending.

It is as closest as I can get to Heaven as I can.  And, I do it with my own two feet and a pair of lungs – a blessing many never achieve, so I do it for them.  I run because I can and others can’t but want to.

Two weeks, we start again.

I have a coach – an expensive one.  Worth every penny.

Training has been all winter long – snow, sleet, rain, cold rain (did I say cold rain?!?!), and just pure brutal cold…hours upon hours…and, now the Blue Hills – up and down, up and down…working my aerobic system and my legs.  Kettlebells every night.

What’s on the docket?  Sleepy Hollow, Mt. Monadnock, Mt. Wachusett, Wildcat, Cranmore and the USA Mountain Champs, Loon Mountain, Mt. Greylock, and the only Fell (self-navigated race) Race Bretton Woods.

In pursuit of becoming a Mountain Goat.

I hope you follow.

Here is more about the series.

Scenes from last year….

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