I must let go…

An explosion of light

the veil between Heaven and Earth collapses.

My soul quakes.

I walk from the tomb.


For the first time,

I see light that illuminates the darkest

regions of my existence.

My dying soul.

I must let go.

Of dashed futures.

Of regrets.

Of guilt.

Of life lost.

And, of a heart broken.

I must let go




new life

or my soul will die.

Growth comes forth all around me.

Trees are budding.

Plants pushing through a hardened ground.

They let go.

I must let go.

I must bear witness

to those who still





of a

Risen Christ

in my soul.

I must embrace my cross.

I  must wrap my arms around it.

I must let it go.

I must leave it behind

as I walk forward.

Newness awaits,

Resurrection comes.

I must let go

Only of what needs to die in my heart

to rise again.




I must let go…of the thing that pains me the most – the heartache, pain, and the love itself to save my dying soul.  I must shed my cross of life and love lost.









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