I am thirsty

“I am thirsty…”

I thirst.

I thirst.

As I walk to my own cross.

Through deep, dark times.

I too find myself

in dark commotion, a sordid drama.

Good and evil.

Love and hate.

Passion and pain.

I die before your eyes.


I too thirst.

with you sitting

at the


Believing, but

yet not knowing.

I know that victory

awaits me

after I rest in my tomb.

I know not when

or how,

but I  know

that just as I thirst,

I will be set free.

Once again,

joy will radiate

from my soul.

A joy

bearing witness for


oppressed and burdened


lonely and sorrowful

from my depths of pain and sorrow


make me


Fr. John Phalen, right, celebrating Mass at Knock Shrine in Ireland (2014).  Never did I see a man with such adoration for our Blessed Mother Mary.  He shared with me her life as a model for our faith and his Rosary devotion.  I am indebted to him as a boss, a priest, and a friend.  A man who believed in my gifts as a fundraiser and valued the dignity of my being…  I was humbled to be a part of this private Mass at the shrine as part of a religious pilgrimage I made in Ireland.




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