It’s a wonderful life…

It truly is.

It has not always been rosy for me.

Things have happened.

My brother died.  My husband committed suicide.  My grandmother slipped away.

Tragic, yes, but not really no.

No more so than any other person’s life.

It’s just life.

Feeling helpless during these times.

Feeling like God abandoned me.

Asking “why?”

But you see, God has always had a plan.

Not evident at the time.

Not apparent in my hurt.

When I look back, I see the gentle steers of a generous God.

A loving God.

And while life has not always been pleasant.

If you have faith, it always works out.

For who I am today is because of those very tragic and not so tragic events.

It truly is a wonderful life.

Thank God, He came into it.

Thank God, I have faith, even if only just a mustard seed.

Thank God, He was made man.

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