A babe in a cribe, no home to call its own, two unmarried parents…

Where’s Christ?????

OA Girl

In between the Wendy’s and Walgreens,

I hear a baby crying.

I see a couple huddled in the corner.

The baby cries again.

The parents look on with joy.

I stare in anger.

How dare that child interrupt my day?

I have my own problems.

My own needs.

That darn baby and those young parents.

Can’t they find somewhere else to take that child except in an alleyway?

The couple is cold.

The baby just born.

I walk past the 7-Eleven.

Thinking about this scene.

How many times do we walk past a miracle?

Caught in our daily lives.

Worried about our own petty causes.


How many miracles do we walk by each day?

How many Christ child’s do we pass?

How many Mary and Joseph’s do we turn our back on?

How many families do we leave out in the cold?

Emmanuel – Christ is with us.


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