Take the first step

I see the big picture.
I worry, am I the right one?
If I look too far ahead, I see all that needs to be done.
A big job.
A challenge.
Something unknown.
I want to say it is all to much for me.
Why have you lead me down this path?
No one else for this role?
Why me?
Today, I read a simple thing.
“Take the first step.”
God you give me the daily manna.
Just enough for today, right here, right now.
Only for today do you strengthen me.
Only for today do you give me what I need.
Don’t run because of all that you see that you need to do.
He provides for you.
Only for today.
Only for right now.
“You cannot carry the load of tomorrow’s”
All you need to do is take the first step.
I harness my mind against the thoughts of the future.
I know that you will give me my ultimate direction.
All that I need to do the job,
will come from only You.
I took the first step this weekend.
Now I will take the next step.

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