The angel

The angel Gabriel was a sign from God to Zechariah.

He asked for this sign.

How many times have we all asked for a sign?

God is good, never failing.

It is US that is impatient.

We wait, we wait and then we wait.

In this fast paced-world, we make the timetable and it never seems quick enough.

Zechariah waited a long time and he didn’t believe.

I ask, whose timetable is it?

Ours or His?

God has been there for me.

At the time I needed, probably not my time, but, His.

Exactly when I needed it.

His hand has been there, not pushing me, but, gently guiding me.

Are we Zechariah? Have we seen Gabriel?

I guess in the end do we have faith in God?

Advent is a time of waiting.

We all need in this hustle and bustle to stop and wait.

Prepare, have faith, and God is good he will come.

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