Inner harvest!

Autumn, day by day leads to winter.

Subtly, each day passes into the next with change.

Leaves ripen, fall, and disappear, food for the Earth.

The days grow shorter, the darkness stays later and comes sooner.

The shadows grow deeper, the nights stiller.

I react to this.

I try to find my way into the darkness, to rest and stop and be still.

Just like nature.

In doing so, I listen, I hear, I find.

I find the answers of my heart, of His word, of my path.

Foolish though I feel, humble though I am, I know that this is a lesson.

A lesson to be lived.

A lesson in faith.

“Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act.” — Psalm 37:7.

In this autumn, I waited, I listened, and He acted.

He acted in my soul, stirring it to find its desire.

I reach up.

I reach up in gratitude for all He does is good.

After a long wait, when we stop, He is there.

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