$$ Money $$

Money, money, money.

It makes the world go round and round.

The root of all evil we all say.

For me, it is my life.

I raise it, in big amounts – a little at a time or all at once.

It is not evil, it is life.

It does not ruin lives, it gives them back.

It is not evil, it is God.

Each day, I wake with the promise of helping others.

A promise of ensuring that lives are saved and changed.

I dedicate my being to serving my fellow man.

I am a fund raiser, I give life.

I have given a woman fleeting domestic violence, a safe shelter.

I have given children who have suffered severe sexual trauma, hope.

I have given a woman raped by an offender, healing.

I have given someone down on their luck, a home.

I have given children an after school program that provides them, promise.

I have given children with special needs the opportunity to experience, joy.

I have given sisters the ability to dedicate their lives to God and their ministry.

I have given, I have given, I have given…


Money is my mission

for the good of humanity.

Money is my work

for the good of God’s kingdom.

I awake, move forward, knowing I am giving life.

I am a fundraiser.

I am a member of humanity.

I care for others.

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