The muscian

I wish for one moment I could stop and hear the tune that You play in my heart.


Stop the busyness, stop the running, stop the plodding.

Softly, I hear…

I hear the dissonance of a piano as the keys are strikingly touched one by one,

echoing in my ears.

Your song, a tune I hear not often.

But, it is there all the time.

A funeral dirge is that what You are playing today, I ask?

I know why?

In my work, I face times of frustration and confusion, anger and resentment.

But, yet You still play your song in my soul.

It is in this pain and hollow that my ears are opening to Your music.

I hear Your song.

Even though I feel inadequate and unworthy.

I hear Your song, just for me.


I hear you say there is a lesson to be learned, and that this will not last forever.

The song plays.

Comments, suggestions, thanks…Your song plays and raises my spirit.

I always hated funeral dirges, but not now.

I know that this is Your song being played through me.

Your divine love.

Changing my life.

Old to new.

Death to birth.

A new being emerges.

I enjoy the music You play, knowing that you are near.

It never stops.

And, now I listen.

2 thoughts on “The muscian

  1. scooterbro says:

    do you hear genre is the music you hear ? : ) this is one of your most beutiful posts yet you are a beutiful person and that is why i asked you to be my wife !!! I love you oa girl !!!

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