Question, question, question!

I sit alone, wondering what my value is, what do I mean, why am I the way I am?

Question, question, question…

Punctuated by loneliness.

Feeling unworthy, feeling desolate of soul, feeling completely and totally alone.

It is all over, the end, finale.

Hard work gone down the drain.  Over!

Like the morning after Thanksgiving or the day after Christmas.  Done!

When things end, I feel let down, deflated, alone.

Question, question, question…

Punctuated by loneliness.

Six days in an odd city, with no friends near or far.

Separated from those I care for the most.

I walk the streets alone, I eat alone, I think alone.

I work incessantly.

It is in this loneliness, far away that I feel the best and at times nothing but less.

Cheated on, abandoned, forgotten.

Out of sight, out of mind.

The past follows me around.

Question, question, question…

Punctuated by loneliness.

Tonight was different!

In my moment of despair and utter loneliness, I felt dejected and deflated.

Was this what life would be like…a widow, no children, no siblings…later on…years from now?  Alone, completely and utterly?

The elusive green light blinked on my phone to tell me I had something waiting.

Was it an email from some obscure company trying to sell their wares.

A meaningless Facebook notification to tell me that I had been tagged in a game?

No, it was a text.

A text from a fellow traveler on this journey of life.

A text of struggle.

A text sent from Another to remind me…

“You are not alone, for I am here.

In your loneliness and in your questioning, I send you what you need.

I am with you.

I take care of you.”

And, so it goes.

A simple text from a friend was oh so much more.

He, in his own time, in his own way, makes things right.

For that minute, for that night, for that day.

I respond back, “I will never let go!”

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