Good bye jealousy and envy…

Dear jealousy and envy,

While I enjoyed you while you were here, you both have not served me well.

I wish that you would disappear soon, but, I can’t guarantee.

Today, you cause me problems and pain.

I see you, I know you, and I can identify you, now, but, just not then.

And, now, I wish you to leave me and leave my life alone.

I wish that would disappear into the rubble of my past and not come with me into the present nor the future.

I no longer want you, I want myself.

But, this too just doesn’t happen overnight.  So I will await patiently for you to go on your own time, in God’s time, not mine.

But, I know you and I am ready to wish you a fond adieu.

I use to love you, but, now I don’t so, goodbye!


P.S. – Hey and selfishness and loneliness while I am at you too can go as well.





2 thoughts on “Good bye jealousy and envy…

    • OA Girl! says:

      Dear T, I hope that is the case as well. But as we work towards becoming better human beings, I am most certain there will be plenty more to expel!

      Thank you for the compliment!


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