Are you calling? I am answering!

Was that You?

Speaking to me through her?

Intuition she said, was Your voice?

How many times have I forsaken You and not listened?

Now, when my inner being stirs,

I plan on following the direction

that I am so pleasantly pointed in,

rather than ignoring the sign posts that You set up for me.

I know that flame, Your flame is deep within me.

Now, I will listen to You

in a guise that the modern world calls intuition.

Next time You call, I will answer!

One thought on “Are you calling? I am answering!

  1. This gave me chills when I read it this morning. My HP speaks through intuition too. Through music, and poetry (like yours), and through the people he puts in my path. You really reminded me of something I need to write about today too.

    I love the changes on your blog too. It looks great


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