Your kidding right?

So how do I do this thing called turn my will and my life over to my Higher Power?

Your kidding right, it is not all about me?

What do you mean, give up fear?

You mean I can’t get away with what I want any more?

So, all I have to do with my food obsession and with life, is to ask “what is God’s will for me?”  And then I will act accordingly?

Everything will happen as a result of doing just that?

That is such a leap of faith?

How did you turn your will and life over to your Higher Power?

One thought on “Your kidding right?

  1. For me, it was easy. I was about to die if I didn’t. I had hit a very low bottom, obviously.

    I’m not saying it was perfect, but as soon as I found that I did have a power greater than myself, I was happy to turn it over.

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