Food sponsor…

The day has come that I have a food sponsor.

What does that mean?

It means that I have someone to lean on and call my eating for the previous day and my food plan for the current day.

In OA this is critical.

Given the nature of my binges and what my trigger foods are, my food sponsor has recommended that I abstain from all sugar and sweeteners.  In today’s day and age, do you realize just how tough this is.  Everything has a hidden sweetener in it or a hidden sugar, masked by the names of high fructose corn sugar, aspartame, sucrolose…

But she says if you eliminate the sugars you take the urge away.

My sponsor also recommends that I three meals a day only with no snacks…”the more time you open the cage door, the greater the chance is that the tiger will bite you.”

What about those obsessions.  It has been like a drug addict coming down off of their drug.  I obsess about my favorite foods and say “that wont’ hurt.”

But, I am always told by those wise program people that this is just the nature of the disease.

When an obsession comes, I say “one day at a time, on minute at a time.” And I reaffirm myself to my food plan, the reason for it, what damage I would do if I didn’t abstain, and call upon my higher power, go to meetings and read the Big Book.

In fact, Paul and I found an all addicts meeting in Marion.  It is a Big Book study meeting and I loved it.

The disease talks to me all the time, I need to listen to my higher Power and what is best for me.

Obsessions, they will always be there!

But, today I am realizing that I have tools in my toolbox through OA that can help me through them.

Through the graces of God!

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