A psalm of hope!

And yet as you walked on the road to Emmaus, you didn’t believe.

What would it take?

He was right there beside you?  Talking and walking with you.

Just because he suffered, means not that he was God.

O God!

How many times are you walking beside me?

How many times do I look past my own suffereing and fail to see you within me?

Just because he suffered, does not mean I don’t have the same hope in my suffering.

O Jesus!

Your suffering and death provided the greatest hope possible.

Yet, we are all like the two believers traveling on the road to Emmaus.

Open up my eyes, let me recognize you in my pain, in the mudane and in the joy.

Set my heart afire, like you did to those two.

Open me up to your hope, your word, and your life so that I may heal to wholeness.

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