Truth be told…my psalm of needing

Without you, I have not a thing.

Why do I forget what you have given me?

On this road of healing to wholeness, I give myself back to you, O God.

Like the light of a candle, I long for the flame of you to touch my heart.

In my need, in my life, I pray that you guide and protect me.

Rekindle that flame deep inside my core, so that I may lean on you in every way.

Let me look upon others and recognize the goodness and you in them.

Rekindle that love O God, give me freedom.

One thought on “Truth be told…my psalm of needing

  1. Beautiful! I’ve got to reconnect with my spiritual side and begin praying again. Without Spirit I tend to live life mainly on the surface, caught up in every passing emotion. When I’m feeling connected with my faith life feels so much deeper & calmer. I’ve been so caught up in marriage & mommyhood the past few years and haven’t given any time to my Soul. Thanks for reminding me!!

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