What I long for these days.

Today, I long for a less complicated life instead of the running and running that I do.

I long for passion and enthusiasm for every day instead of the monotony and lackluster tasks that need to be done.

I long for play instead of work.

For accomplishment instead of the same old same old.

I long to speak the truth rather than hide behind falsehoods about myself and broken pasts.

And as I search for healing and wholeness, I look for the answer that can only get me there.

Passion, belief and faith.

I look towards the promise of faith and how it can sustain me in my disease, heal me in my brokenness, and fill my days with enthusiasm and zest knowing that I am here for a purpose bigger than my very own.

One thought on “What I long for these days.

  1. Hi! I am just now taking fledgeling steps in my own journey towards healing from food compulsions. I started a blog & am looking into getting help, possibly from OA. While beginning to explore OA I came across your blog and I’m really looking forward to reading about your OA experiences. Thanks so much for sharing your story!!

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