When faced with a choice…

“When faced with choices, we earnestly seek guidance from our Higher Power, and when that guidance comes we act on it.”

Wow, heavy indeed.

What qualifies as a choice in life?  When should I seek help from my Higher Power?

Is it for big choices such as should I take this consulting job?  Or is it for little choices too?  Like how should I act in this given set of circumstances?

What happens when something happens very quickly and we just react?

How does our Higher Power support us in that moment?

What should I say when I wake in the morning?  What should I say when I go to sleep at night?

Finding one’s Higher Power is just not easy, and then I am expected to turn my life and my will over to it.  That is absolutely hard.

But, in the end, I am willing to try.

Going on my 26th day of abstinence, it is (or shall I say I AM) worth a shot.

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