I have a choice…wait, where is God?

Always seeking your higher power for spirtual guidance in making every decision.

The book has this right, this is not easy.

But now that I pay attention, I notice the serenity that it provides.

Recently, a very larger proposal that I crafted was accepted.  Getting anxious about making a decision, my better half said to me, perhaps you just pray on it.

Usually I would feel the need to make a decision right then and there with much anxiety and with a great deal of consulting lots of folks close to me for their opionion.

In this case, I did exactly what Paul suggested, I shelved it and prayed about it.

And, you know what, as time has gone on, the answer has not yet come, however, I find myself at peace with this.  And, plainly at peace.  I am not anxious and needing to make an immediate decision.  I am not frantic.  And, every once and a while, I get a nudge for a good idea or a thought from someone totally unexpected.

The answer will come, it is forming.

Faith is key.  And Paul is right again.

Fear not, decide not…just pray.

OA girl abstinent day #23…flexing her third step muscle…slowly…baby steps!

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