What makes a binge a binge, or was it just a slip?

Gosh darn.

May I ask, what is it with these late night kitchen raids that almost wreck my abstinence.

Now granted, yesterday was a tough day.

The thought of being without my Paul, the loss of my beautiful husband and grandmother, well would have put any sane person over the edge.

Lo and behold, I woke at 2 a.m. to proceed to the kitchen to chow down half a jar of reduced-fat peanut butter…stopped there, thank GOD!

Was this a true binge or just a slip?  What constitutes a binge? Why am I eating late at night when I am barely conscious?

Step two:  Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

God, please help restore me to sanity and stop this late night binging.  I am powerlessness over food and this late night carousing just demonstrates this.

I do know that there is a higher Power.  Just tonight I attended an OA meeting in which just I and Mary attended.  Rather than meeting we spent the time chatting with each other.  Out of this chat came the lead for a sponsor, who I then immediately proceeded to contact when I got to my car.  And, she is willing to meeting with me.  And she is a twelve-step sponsor.  You HAVE to be willing to work the big-book with her.  She is a recovering alcoholic and compulsive over eater.

Again, in my desperation, God was there answering my needs.

God, just for tonight, no MID-NIGHT raids and that my call to a potential sponsor at least leads to a inquiry meeting.

God, just for tonight on night number #20, I pray to you to help me.

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